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Cellturn ݱڸݱͧ֡


Cellturn supplies beauty products and skin care systems to Korean skin care professionals.



Ųɾ ý ٽǰδ ο "Ƽũ" ¿Ųɾ "Ϻ" ֽϴ.




Key products in the skin care system include all-in-one "multi-energy cream" and warm skin care device "cellturnbell".




Ƽũ ȯ "Ϻ" ¿ ս Ǻΰ ũ Ͽϴ.


Cell Turn Bell


We have created an innovative skin care technique that combines the circulating energy of a multi-energy cream with the warm energy of a "cellturnbell".




Ƽũ ȯ ɰ "43׶" ¿ Ȱ ָ, Ųɾ コɾ ȿ ֽϴ.


ѢCellTurn 43 Therapy


The cell cycle function of multi-energy cream and the thermal energy of "CellTurn 43 Therapy" help cell activity and have a considerable effect on skin care and healthcare.